Keep your carpet just like new

Carpet is one of the easiest flooring surfaces to care for. You can keep your carpet looking great with a simple care routine that includes the following:

  • Preventative maintenance to protect your investment before problems occur.
  • Vacuuming to pick up loose soil that can damage carpet fibers.
  • Spot & spill removal for those unavoidable messes. Learn more below.
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No carpet is absolutely stain-proof

Some of our carpeting products include stain-resistant treatments built right into every fiber. These treatments improve your ability to clean stains as they occur but won’t outright prevent them from happening. You’ll find similar soil-resistant treatments in some carpeting products. These styles all still require regular care & maintenance as well as spot cleaning when spills occur.

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Stains and soil

Most stains are actually soil-related. For example, if you spill a sugar-based drink like soda or coffee, a sticky sugar residue can remain on your carpet after removal. This residue readily attracts soil from ordinary foot traffic, resulting in a discolored area that appears to be a stain.

To avoid this type of mess, you’ll want to rinse the area thoroughly with clean water and a clean, dry cloth after removing any spill. You should also reference your carpet manufacturer’s warranty for specific care requirements.

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