Before You Start

As you develop a cleaning routine for your new tile or stone floor, be sure to reference your warranty & any guidelines provided by your manufacturer. These will lay out the specific requirements for proper care. Below we’ve assembled some basic general tips that apply broadly to most tile flooring products.

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Your Tile Cleaning Routine

Consider the following tips for cleaning tile & stone floors.

  • Sweep as needed to remove dirt & grit.
  • Wipe spills promptly as they occur.
  • Damp mop once per week using a recommended cleaning solution.

When mopping, be sure to use a solution with a neutral pH that is compatible with grout. Never use soaps or detergents, as these can dull your floor’s surface & promote the growth of mildew. You should also avoid the use of acids, vinegar, chlorine & ammonia – all chemicals that can damage or discolor grout & tile.

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Preventative Care

In addition to routine cleaning, there are certain preventative measures you can take to keep your floors looking great & performing their best. We recommend the use of protective mats at all entryways and pads under all furniture legs.

Before applying a sealer to your tile, be sure to allow proper time for the grout to cure.

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